Is This the Year You’re Finally Gunna Do It?


You know you want to…

You know you have to…

You know it’s important…

But HOW, exactly, do you write a book?

There are so many steps.

So much to learn.

So much research to do.

So many gurus and experts you need to listen to and learn from in order to get it all just perfect.

Where do you start?

To write a book, you need to write.


That’s about as simple (and complicated) as it gets.

Now, don’t hate me.

This may be the shortest and most important article you read about writing this year.

When you are done reading this article I want you to do the following and repeat it each and every day:

  1. Turn off Twitter, Facebook, phone, email, dog, child, and other distractions;
  2. Turn on your computer or grab a notebook and pen;
  3. Write.

That’s it.

There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.

~Ernest Hemingway

Everyday set aside a time and a space where you will write at least 500 words of something. I don’t care if it’s good or relevant or even if you will end up using it in your book. Don’t get hung up on the technical details…
Just Write It. Every day. 500 words at a time.

Now – if you still need a little help getting started…I totally understand! Grab your copy of the 4-Step Writing Process Guide. I’m sure it will give you some clarity and allow the process to be less painful and more enjoyable!

Now…I must go because I have to put in my writing time for my next book. Feel free to join me!

Until next time…


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