Was Abraham Lincoln the Prototype for Web Marketing Strategy?

Most businesses struggle with their web marketing strategy. What should they say and how do they distribute their content? It’s not sexy, but an Editorial Calendar is crucial for an online content marketing strategy that gets results and saves your sanity. Before you hit “Post” on your next blog, read this article if you care about your internet business.

“Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent….”

Thus began the powerful and memorable speech by Abraham Lincoln which lasted just 20 minutes and contained only 273 words. His focused message, edited and slashed mercilessly in a manner of which Hemingway would approve, could just be the prototype for excellent content marketing on the internet.

In Lincoln’s time, folks took an entire lifetime to amass the amount of information that the internet surfer is exposed to in a year. His audience was most likely disappointed by the brevity of the Gettysburg Address. They were hungry for more.

But for us, we want, need, and demand less! Not less information – just fewer words.  Your audience wants as much relevant information as possible in the least amount of time. We don’t want a great orator with fancy words. We want useful information we can use right now.

This is where an Editorial Calendar for your Online Content Marketing can help.

Yes, I know, planning ahead sounds about as fun as a root canal. After all, we are entrepreneurs with a sense for freedom and adventure, right?

However, what can result are too many words, delivering an unfocused message that ultimately misses the mark in reaching your potential clients or getting them to take action.

Here are the top 3 reasons to begin using an Editorial Calendar:

1. Planning ahead allows you to establish a content marketing strategy routine. Your audience will come to expect certain information at a reliable time. Most people love routine. And when they know they will be rewarded with good information from your company, then adding you to their routine will be your reward.

2. Planning ahead allows you to focus and edit. You should always aim to provide great information that says what you want to say as plainly and simply as possible. Don’t make your reader guess at your meaning. They are smart; they just don’t have time and are often distracted by a dozen other electronic signals. If you’re rushing the production of every piece of content then you won’t have time to “edit mercilessly.”

3. Planning ahead gives you time to fully leverage your content marketing efforts. You create time to implement your web marketing strategy. For example: You don’t just rush to post a blog. You step back to figure out if the information in that post is worthy of a Press Release, a video, addition to a newsletter, a guest blog, or if there are other forums talking about the same subject that you can comment on and refer back to the content that you are about to post.

When you create and use quality, Top Shelf Content then you must capitalize on those words. It’s too easy for your words to become a simple commodity that every other business out there is using. To stand out, you have to provide a unique customer experience.

Think Starbucks. It’s just coffee, a commodity, right? Now think of the Starbucks customer. They are standing in line, eager to buy a $4 cup of freshly brewed and delicious commodity for a reason. It’s not just about the coffee…and it’s not just about the words.

Chew on them words for a bit…and I’ll see you at Starbucks!

Until next time…


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