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 Tell me…What job did you have as a kid that you loved or hated?

If you knew what you knew now, would you “do” that job differently?

I’m guessing that in the decade or two since you worked that lemonade stand, or check processing center, or were the top burger flipper at the local Jack in the Box (yep, that was me)…you’ve learned a thing or two right?

**OH…at the end of this post I’ll share my burger flipping life lesson that got me fired…

And it’s exactly WHAT you’ve learned that has helped you become who you are today and has allowed you to excel at your chosen career.

Even if you don’t realize it!

Realize Your Past Was Not Wasted

You’ve heard me say before that “experts make money.” So can generalists when they do it right. But for the most part, when people choose a specialization within a field they love, they tend to hone in and focus more on the skills and knowledge of that “job” which in turn increases their worth to their company and their customers.

And, putting your own humble opinion aside, I would guess that you are pretty aware of what you are good at, where you can provide a lot of value to other people with your unique skills and knowledge, and even acknowledge that you are the right person for the job… right?

So why are you so hesitant to call yourself an “Expert?”

Why, when it comes to claiming what you know and what you know you’re good at, do you suddenly get stage fright?

Don’t worry…you’re not alone.

There are a lot of people just like you that will “own” their genius – but only when they come through the back door. We’ve spent our whole lives being told to wait our turn, be polite, don’t be conceited, and don’t brag.

And these are all great rules…except…

…when applying those rules inhibits you from sharing your special talents and gifts from the very people who could benefit from them the most. When you do that, well, honey, you’re just being a little bit selfish.

Why should you and only you benefit from the treasures that are locked inside your mind and your soul!

Let Them Out!

And…the key to both discovering them, letting them out, and “owning” them can be found by looking into your past. Past jobs, past relationships, past “major” events. Both the good and the bad of your life experience has formed who you are and what you know today.

And it doesn’t stop there! The process is continuing even now so that in the future you will have gained another decade of learning, experience, and genius-forming.

Take a Little Test

Take the time to answer these questions. This is not meant for a ‘terrible trip down memory lane’ where you beat yourself up for screw ups.

We ALL screw up! Just say…”Oh well”, turn the page, and build off that experience…but DON’T keep re-reading that page!

Here’s the fun part:

First: List all the jobs that you’ve held in your lifetime – these can be paid or volunteer.

Next: For each job list the stuff you were really good at, the skills you learned, and what you really enjoyed about the experience.

Then: List any projects that you’ve done – this could be work or non-work related. For example, did you rehab a home, plant a garden, read up on the art history of Ancient Rome, take a painting class, volunteer as a tutor at your kid’s school, lose 20 pounds, learn to play golf, or plan a family reunion?

Next: List what you loved about the project, what you learned, and what you were really good at.

Now look at what you wrote down.

See – you know stuff! You’ve done shit!

No matter how small or insignificant it may seem to you, what you know, what you’ve learned, and what you’ve experienced may be valuable to someone who has not done what you’ve done but would love to learn.

So…start telling people about it! Based on their reactions, you may find a niche that people are interested in that you can actually make a little money with by producing a training course, writing a book, preparing a newsletter, or any other form of content or training that people are willing to pay for.

And that is how it begins.

It Won’t Always Be Perfect the First Time Around

You don’t have to get it right, or be married to an idea, once it forms. The beauty of being an entrepreneur is that you can be flexible. In fact, the definition of an entrepreneur relies on the ability to see what others don’t see, implement that vision, and then continue to see what others don’t see…rinse and repeat.

For example, one of the businesses that I started when my kids were young was a crafting business. I had no clue where the business was going to go once I started. The only thing I knew for sure was that I wanted to be able to stay at home with my kids when they were little, have a flexible schedule, and still contribute financially to our household.

There were a lot of things I felt I was sort of good at. The trick was figuring out how to make money with it. Enter…the Husqvarna!

how to become an expertSo what was my talent-of-choice in that moment? I could sew.

In Jr. High and High School I made good use of my mom’s green Viking Husqvarna Sewing Machine. I actually made a lot of my own clothes, trendy ties for my boyfriend, and even my own bathing suits to romp around on the Southern California Beaches.

At the time I was trying to figure out my next business, we were living in the country in an area surrounded with craft shows and the crafting culture. So….I went to work figuring out how to turn my sewing machine into a business.

My first pieces were fabric dolls and angels…and some of them were actually pretty horrible! I am so grateful for my first customers because it allowed me to continue, learn and grow, and find the niche within that market (creating patterns for sale) where I could increase my ROI, be creative, make a little money, and most importantly…allow me to be home for my kids and build my family.

But, that’s not my business today. In fact, sadly, the sewing machine has moved on to another place.

However, within that experience I learned and perfected many business and marketing skills that I DO use in my businesses today.

So – understand that just about EVERY experience you have presents an opportunity for you to learn something new, perhaps a skill, that you can turn into something that you can get paid for so you can design a life that you love!

Your Turn!

What’s your “secret” skill that you should be (or are) sharing with the world? Comment below or email me directly at [email protected] – I’d love to hear from you!


Now what about that burger-flipping story?

Well, I was training to be a shift manager. Much like today, I’m active, and eat healthy most of the time so when I got to the part of the test where I was supposed to salt the fries…I didn’t. I said that it was more healthy to allow customers to add their own salt. They didn’t share my health concerns, failed me on the test, which led me away from my career as Fast-Food Queen of Southern California! *sigh

The lesson – know what your core values are, stick with them, and it will lead you to a life that will bring you abundant joy! *yay!

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