Who am I?

Hey There! Dawn Damico – Your Research Diva

I have an incredibly curious nature. I love to research, read, and write.

But you’re not getting someone with just a lot of book knowledge…I have a lot of practical knowledge as well. You see, I’m a serial entrepreneur – probably much like you are. I don’t just want to “know” it…I want to experience it as well.

And, I know internet marketing.

What Others Have Said:

Dawn Damico is a sought after ghostwriter and content marketer. Many businesses refer to her as their “secret weapon” when it comes to writing remarkable content for their businesses.

She coaches and trains serious entrepreneurs in Content Marketing Strategies. She is passionate about giving people the most effective content, tools, and information needed to run a successful business. Using only Top Shelf Content with the right tactics to fully leverage that content, business owners can better balance their life. 

What is your “Why”? Her goal is to make the “How” as simple and efficient as possible so you can fully enjoy your “Why”.

 Okay, So Who Am I Really?

Many people take one look at me and wonder “What could this soft spoken, cheerful woman possibly know or teach me about my business? She’s way too happy to have had any struggles…she can’t know what I’m going through or what I need to succeed in my business…”

Okay, fair enough question. I know that I sound like I’m 12 years old on the phone…but I also know that what I have to say during that conversation may have some relevance to your business so people quickly get past that! But, what I’m going to do is give you a little peek into my private life. I won’t go into it on this page…so if you’re interested in the “story behind the bio” click through here….

Here’s the “Official” Bio:

I love to research a subject and really get to the heart of it. I don’t just scratch the surface. Through my writing I try to take that in-depth research and present it in a manner that is informative, engaging, and maybe a bit entertaining when the subject calls for it. When writing for my clients I always keep their end game in mind…which is building their business and making some money.

My educational background includes college studies in English, History, Business and Marketing. I’ve lived in the suburbs and I’ve lived on acreage with bass ponds, mountain lions, the typical backyard livestock (which were often eaten by the mountain lions), and a very large garden. That’s all fine and good but where I excel is in taking the knowledge that I have, no matter where it came from, and applying it through the use of effective systems.

I love business. I love growing businesses and I love to help others succeed in their business ventures through the services that I offer. I can do that best when I feel as if I’ve walked in your shoes a little bit. That’s the difference you get when you use my services to build content for your company.

My own business ventures have included some of the following:

  • A nationwide craft and pattern company;
  • Party Supply Sales;
  • Custom Porcelain Dolls;
  • Retail and Wholesale Sales for Clothing and Household goods;
  • Stock and Options trading;
  • Real Estate Investing and Rehab;
  • Author of published works – many through ghostwriting;
  • Mortgage Loan Processing Corporation;
  • Internet and Affiliate Marketing;
  • And yes…even a lemonade stand!

So what’s the common link with all of these businesses? Creating Content; Creating Products; and Developing Systems. The products may have changed, but the mechanics of building a business have many similarities which I have used and mastered over the years.

I like to keep both sides of the brain occupied and active. If I’m not reading, writing, or building my business you may find me enjoying something else like running, cooking, walking the dog, boating, strength training, yoga, meditation, wine tasting, listening to music-just about any kind, traveling, anything outdoors or around the water, being grateful for the life I have, and hanging out with my husband of over 25 years. I am the mother of two grown children – and that’s a whole life experience in itself!

And, I’ve found some time to volunteer – keeping my “giving back” muscle active. I’ve built homes in Mexico, participated in building a playground, took on the role of art docent at my kid’s elementary school as well as tutoring, and led active scouting programs for almost 10 years where our groups were involved in camping, backpacking, canoeing, rock climbing, cooking, volunteer programs for a women’s homeless shelter, park programs and much more.

My personal goal:  To positively impact as many lives as possible.

Well, that’s enough about me. How can I help you succeed?

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