What should I blog about?

Whether you’re just starting your blog, or you’ve had your blog up and running for a while, the question about writing web content is sure to come up once or twice!

In the beginning, you may be asking that question because you’re curious about which subjects will draw the most visitors and translate into making money with your blogging efforts.

If it’s a personal blog that you’re just starting for the fun of it, then you may be asking that question because you’re really not sure if anybody in the world is even interested in the same subjects that you are interested in.

And if you’re blogging as a business, and you have people returning to your website week after week, you may be asking this question because you want to continue to write about things that matter to those visitors to keep them engaged and coming back for more.

At any rate, stressing out over the answer to that question can often lead to writer’s block or writing paralysis…both which lead to inaction and frustration.

Don’t worry, if and when this happens to you, it’s completely normal and luckily, curable!


First Step to Deciding What to Write About on your Blog

how to blog 2No matter why you started writing a blog, the thing that keeps people reading and returning is content that educates, inspires, entertains, or answers questions. So how do you know what kind of content will do this? For that answer, you have to know your customers and your potential blog readers. What are they interested in, what makes them chuckle, and what problems do they encounter when it comes to the subject of your blog?

What you put on your blog (articles, videos, photos, etc) should resonate with them on that level.

And if you’re not really sure if what you write will interest them…write it anyway! There’s really only one way to find out, right? Get it out of your brain, onto your post, and out into the world. You have millions of potential people that will help train you how to write for them!

But what if what you write is horrible?

So what? Write it anyway.

We are often our own worst critics when it comes to something as creative as writing. I say write in anyways because what if what you write is actually brilliant? All your thoughts, ideas, talents, knowledge and gifts do absolutely no good if you keep them locked up in your brain as you take them to the grave to be nothing more than fertile food for worms!

If you want even more information about the Power of Blogging, check out the book that I wrote on the subject:


Your Turn: What’s working for you when you and your Blog?

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