Learn How to go from Zero to Video Marketing Hero-James Wedmore Interview



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This 60 minute interview with James Wedmore, the top Video Marketing Coach, is well worth your time. Yes, I know James personally and am always happy to promote his work because he always over-delivers. His Video Traffic Academy course is no exception.

In this interview he gives away tons of information about Video Marketing including:

  • The importance of Market Research in your video marketing campaign
  • How simple videos can be used to promote your Online Business
  • The right way to promote your video for your Online Business, once you’ve uploaded it to YouTube
  • The secret benefits of Backlinking – and how to do it the RIGHT way
  • The Magic of Video Responses – a tactic that most Online Businesses don’t even know about!
  • And, the REAL power of YouTube – it’s NOT what you think
  • And, there are many more little hidden gems in this gripping interview – don’t miss it

Then…as I always tell you – Take Action!

I’m all about getting only the best information available and James’ Video Traffic Academy is a BARGAIN that will easily pay for itself if you even just implement 10% of what he teaches.

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Enjoy the interview – then Take Action!

Until next time….Dawn



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