Video Is Terrifying!

Why you Must Face your Fears and Turn On the Camera

I’ll be the first one to tell you that I’m not the person to show you how to make a video!

In fact, the very first video I made for my business was a testimonial video for the guy you should be listening to when it comes to video marketing. I was so new, so green, so TERRIFIED of getting in front of the camera that I actually stood in the shadows (on purpose) and left the little plastic film over the lens of my “fresh-out-of-the-box” flip cam (not on purpose).

Still…I made the video!

My video-phobia confession reveals the most important tip for adding video to your online business marketing. Just Take Action!

What I can speak to you with some authority is 1) Why video is important for your business 2) How video optimizes your content marketing strategy, and 3) 3 steps you can take right away to get video into your content marketing mix!

And as far as that video guy you should have on your expert team? Stick with me to the end because I have a special treat for you

Truth #1: Understand Why Video Is Important For Your Business

It’s never fun (or productive) to do something just because someone told you to do it. For the entrepreneurial mind, you should be asking: How does this serve my ideal client, fit into my marketing goals, and contribute to the success of my business?

When you understand WHY something is important, you are more likely to follow through on the steps, push through any obstacles or frustrations, and have greater success working the process into your larger marketing strategy, right?

Face it, there are thousands of people online telling you to be on this or that social platform, do this or that tactic for your business, or pay attention to this or that “next big thing.”

Lots of people get overwhelmed and either end up doing nothing (analysis paralysis) or end up doing all the wrong things right (hey, isn’t that a country song?) with the same result: Being Busy but Not Productive.

So before I get into how you can fully leverage video into your online marketing strategy, let me share some of the “WHY’s.”  You’ll quickly understand how powerful this content medium really is.

Truth #2: Why Marketing with Video Helps your Online Business

  • YouTube has over a billion users. (1)
  • YouTube reaches more 18-49 year olds than any cable network in the U.S. (1)
  • YouTube is represented in 70 countries, 76 different languages. (1)
  • 80% of YouTube users live outside of the United States. (1)
  • GenX and Babyboomers use YouTube 58% and 43% respectively to watch digital content. (2)
  • 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute.
  • Google pays special attention to videos that are informational.
  • 80% of videos that Google gives search engine juice to are Informational Videos.
  • Video gives “stickiness” to your site – visitors stay longer and Google rewards sites that viewers love to spend time on.
  • Google owns YouTube.
  • Google is the #1 Search Engine; YouTube is the #2 Search Engine – you can do the math!


So where’s the opportunity in these stats?

Here’s one to pay close attention to.

Even though many people watch video to get answers they need; even though video is the most-shared form of content across all social media channels; and even though Facebook and other social media sites rank 2nd in effective marketing platforms, more than four in 10 US small businesses surveyed said they didn’t use social media for business. (3)

*In this context, social media includes YouTube as well as all other usual suspects.

Is this because video and social media don’t work? Or is it because companies don’t allocate the time or resources necessary to engage in an effective social and video marketing strategy? Could it be they just “throw stuff on the social walls” hoping it will stick, with no real plan or purpose?

I’ll tell you what I think in just a moment, but consider these additional facts:

  • Video is the #1 content being shared in social media sites like Facebook (this point is important for your marketing strategy).
  • People are already used to watching “stuff” on TV and in the movies; video is just an extension of a behavior they are already doing.
  • Users watch videos on all kinds of devices including: Computers, notebooks, tablets, and smartphones.
  • As reported by, by the year 2016 it’s predicted that about 86% of everything consumed world-wide on the internet will be video. This includes TV, video on demand (VoD), Internet and Peer sharing. In volume, this means 1.2 million minutes of video crossing the network by the year 2016.
  • And, the folks working behind the scenes must agree with that prediction. A new coding standard was accepted (in 2013) which will result in videos being streamed using less broadband width. In theory this will lower the costs to Wi-Fi and smartphone users whose plans are priced according to their bandwidth. However, it will also allow for more videos to travel across the wires.

Your opportunity lies in the gap between how many people are watching video (potential buyers) and how many companies are effectively using video in their marketing plans to reach their customers with the right information, at the right time, on the right platform.

The “hardest” part about video in marketing is not making the video, as many believe. It’s actually in how they will use that video. How will they “push” it out into the marketing,  repurpose, and syndicate it in a way that allows them to get the most use out of the content.

I believe many businesses don’t use video because they are not fully aware of how to leverage it to get the most bang for their buck and their time. Without a strategy behind the video, they probably won’t get the results they desire.

The biggest misconception is that video will market itself. Sorry, that’s just wrong.

Yes, you can and should use all platforms relevant to your market to syndicate your content but without you turning the key to this marketing engine, it will do nothing (or very little).

Luckily, this is something you can learn.

Truth #3: You Can Start Using Video in 3 Easy Steps

Step #1: Make your blog a video blog

Whether you are just starting a blog or already have a blog, include video with your posts. For those who have an established blog which already has content, go back to your most popular posts and create a video to go with the post; for those just starting, make time in your content schedule (editorial calendar) to create a video to go with each post.

How does this help?

When someone lands on your blog post, having a video adds “stickiness” to the page and may result in visitors staying on your site for a longer period of time. In Google’s eyes, when people stay on your site for a while it’s a signal to them that you have something of value.

They reward value with better page rankings.

This means you could be easier to find for the keywords and subjects your audience is searching for.

Now, as you have heard me say, customers will buy your products and services, not Google’s bots. So you have to appeal to your customers…not just Google.

Video is another way to tap into your customers learning modality or lifestyle.

What do I mean by that?

When someone is learning something, they can read, see, listen, or do in order to “get” the information. Every person is a little different, so one or a combination of learning modalities will appeal to them.

Video appeals to audio and visual learners; written posts appeal to those who learn best through reading. So, combining video AND an article on your blog, covers 3 modes of learning: see, hear, and read.

In terms of lifestyle, think about how your customers are consuming your content. Some will do it at their desktop or laptop while others will be on mobile devices. Those on a mobile device may prefer a video to text because of smaller screens.

Video Marketing is crucial because it’s the easiest way to reach your customer, build rapport, and be represented (and shared) across many online platforms.

Step #2: Create Videos with a Purpose

At first, you may just knock out a few videos for the sole purpose of getting over the fear of making videos! There is nothing wrong with that. In fact, I would encourage it. Even if those videos never see the light of day, you will gain invaluable experience by doing over just thinking about making videos for your business.

Then, I want you to take time to figure out what your video is going to do for you, your customer, and your business.

Always be thinking: Content with a Purpose!

What is the purpose of the video? Will it entertain, inform, teach something, establish you as an authority, solve a problem, build rapport, sell something, or ??

Use video, and script out the content in those videos, based on what its job is for your sales funnel.

Creating a video series is an effective way build out your purpose. Let me explain.

Let’s say you have a product for a 60-day program to get back into shape after having a baby. This product is your company’s focus for the first quarter of the year. (Now, part of this process gives you a glimpse into what you can be doing for your editorial calendar planning and content marketing strategy.)

So, you create information to cover 12 weeks, the amount of time in the quarter. This includes a 5-video series, one video released each week, which gives information and tips for women who want to get into shape after pregnancy. Each video builds upon the video from the prior week; all videos are building interest in the program which will be introduced to them in week 5.

Because you want to capture the emails of those interested in this information, you use a video on an opt-in page that gives them access to the 5-part video series. You can also create supporting content (such as workbooks, eBooks, checklists, calendars, etc.) that give more value and tap into those other learning modalities.

With a plan like this, you can easily script out what each video will say. You’re not stuck with the “what am I gunna talk about” dilemma for making any form of content because you know your videos serve a purpose: build interest among qualified buyers for the 60-day program.

That’s just one example. There are lots of ways to incorporate video into your various sales funnels.

The more you understand and learn about video marketing, the better you will get at making them, and the better results each video will produce for your business.

Step #3: Hire the Best Video Marketing Coach

Unless you already make amazing videos AND get the maximum results from those videos that are measurable and profitable, you need to hire someone to help you make your videos work for you! Or, at least know who to follow in the business.

You want video information from someone who is doing what they are teaching (rather than just teaching it) and earning a living on what they are doing.

Don’t worry – I told you right up front that I’m not the “video gal” so I’m not asking for your money!

And you can breathe a sigh of relief because I’m not talking about one-on-one, break-the-bank sort of coaching either.

There’s a better (and cheaper) way!

Even though my recommendation has charged $10k for one-on-one coaching, which the client gladly paid because his business had great success by following the expert’s advice (in fact, the client pursued this expert for a year before the expert agreed to coach him) …

And even though most top video guys (and gals) will charge at least $10,000 to coach your business…there is a much better solution. One that will fit into any budget. And, I think, will give you even MORE value.


Because even more valuable than knowing how to push “record” on your video camera (or smarty pants phone) to make a video, is fully understanding all the ways that video can be used throughout your business to build a list, build rapport with that list, and make a sale (or get a donation, vote, or whatever the end goal of your particular business is).

The foundation of your content is words and great copywriting (I do lots of that); then you have to know what to do with that content which involves your strategy and how you will implement that system (I do that too); video has the ability to leverage that strong foundation and your system across many platforms. The right video guy can show you how.

In fact, with the right type of video, you’ll soon find that other people will gladly carry your marketing message to their own circle of influence with very little effort, or money, spent by you.

It doesn’t happen overnight, but with the right process in place, the right product and message, it does happen.

I told you in the beginning that I was not the person to teach you about video. However, I was fortunate enough to work for about four years with the person you should be listening to. He has thousands of raving fans, and more importantly, thousands that have seen benefits to their business as a result of what he teaches about making great videos and using them in your online marketing plan.

What’s Next?

First:  I’ve created a simple checklist, my free gift to you, to use when you’re putting together your first, or next, video. This checklist is based on what the experts use, and what I have used with my own clients to get exceptional results with video. Grab that by clicking on the link below…I know you’re gunna love it!

Finally:  With that checklist in hand, check out the extended training of this video expert. You can decide for yourself if it’s right for you.

You are not obligated to do anything or buy anything – the checklist is yours whether you enjoy the training (or added benefit of video) or not.

When you do choose to learn more about video, the best practices, and how to fully leverage it for profits in your business…then the next step is simple! Actually…more than simple…it’s a no-brainer.

I’ve used it with my own clients to increase their list size 300% and double sales.

For less than a cup of coffee you can test drive the same information thousands of entrepreneurs have already used to double, triple, and even quadruple their sales and profits.

These same happy business owners started probably much where you are now…wondering how and if video was right for their business. But they set their fear, doubt, and procrastination aside and just took it for a spin – fully aware of the guarantee that left them with no risk.

No risk…but a whole lot of value!

Go ahead – click below and get your free checklist….I’ll see you on the next page!

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