What Does Google’s Latest Page Rank Dance

Tell You About Building a Content Marketing Strategy for Your Business?

Well, it seems as if Google is at it again. Confirmations are coming in across the globe that Page Ranking is dancing around – some up, some down. What kind of changes are you seeing in your sites?

The thing that interests me about this is not so much that Google is messing with their algorithms again, (after all why be “shocked” when someone does what you know they are going to do) but how their actions can encourage you to think more strategically about your websites and businesses.

Yes, it’s frustrating. And yes, page ranking does give you a better chance to get on the first page of Google, that coveted sweet spot; however, where is the opportunity in all of this?

First, understand that Google is not the only search engine, although it is the biggest so can’t be ignored.

Second, and what I’m talking about here, is using content marketing strategies to actually build your business. I mean real strategies.

I’d like to hear your comments on this, but what seems to be a good motivation take-away here is focusing more on your site visitors. If you’re more conscious about guiding them through your content trail with the goal of getting them to sign up for your list, do you have to wring your hands over Google’s actions?

Google can’t mess with your list, right?

So, as a result of these Google changes you have several options for how you are going to respond.

One is to get frustrated, like this webmaster did and say, “I’m thinking about selling up and investing in something that doesn’t rely on Google…”

Another is to dig in and figure out what will work to get you back in the running through page ranking and search results with various tactics.

And still another is to develop a comprehensive content management strategy that results in more engaged customers that are eager to get on your list.

I don’t know about you, but it seems pretty clear to me which one puts YOU in the driver’s seat of your business!

Is it possible that by spending a little more time on creating content that people care about, repurposing what you may already have, and fully leveraging all the platforms that you can use to deliver that content, that your customers will stick it out with you no matter what tune Google is playing.

What changes are you going to make with your content marketing after this latest Google Dance?

Until next time…

Dawn Damico

dawn damico, content marketing strategist, monthly newsletter

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