“If a man empties his purse into his head, no one can take it away from him. An Investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.”  – Benjamin Franklin

OK, I know that Ben was a pretty great guy and all…but he only had it partially right.

Knowledge is important, yes! As a sort of “Information chemist” I believe that to be true; however, the other part of that equation is putting that knowledge into action. Napoleon Hill pointed this out as one of his Laws of Success.

So, what are your doing to take the knowledge you have accumulated over the years, either through experience or through formal education, and turn it into action? And, even better, how are you turning that knowledge into something that is of value and creates a service for others?

For me, that comes through ghostwriting, curating and creating amazing content, and working on product development so that all that knowledge can be presented in a way that serves other people. Sometimes it’s my own products, and very often it’s for other fabulous people whose lives and selfless contributions to others quite frankly blows me away! They live their life with purpose, in a manner that helps and builds rather than destroys.

Everyday, I am honored and grateful for the opportunity to do what I do…so, thank you!

Material possessions are nice….and they can disappear in an instant. Don’t fool yourself with those kinds of comforts or rely on them for your self-image. People that I know, the ones that have remained strong, faithful to their purpose, and have the ability to build their businesses online (and off-line) even in the face of adversity are the ones that have the knowledge, tools, self-confidence and determination to take action every day to achieve the level of success in their life – business and personal.

So what actions are you taking to build your online business?

Here’s a couple of tips:

1. Establish a daily routine that includes reading. Keep your mind active and choose both the modern stuff as well as some of the classics. All of the most successful people in business have this habit.

2. Take control of your time. Every day work on the 5 things that bring you closer to your business goals before you even look at your email, jump on Facebook, or any other activity that can be categorized as “other peoples priorities”

3. Take Action! I’ve said before that when I read and research, I do it with a purpose and a notebook. My morning routine begins with a workout, a healthy breakfast, an hour of reading, and then taking action on something that “tickled” my brain as I read. This could be sitting to write an article, implementing a newly discovered marketing tactic, creating an outline for a new product, or making a crucial contact. After that point, my daily 5 priorities begin.

The basis of Online Marketing Success is Knowledge

Action without knowledge can be fun sometimes…that’s what being spontaneous is about. But even if you get the great idea to jump off a cliff, you would probably be smart to gather some information about gravity, dont’ you agree?

When it comes to online business building, you should take action using calculated risks – based on knowledge – otherwise it could be complete chaos and financial disaster!

Be spontaneous, be fearless, but always keep your hands on the wheel. If you’re not controlling your business, or your life…then you have to ask youself “Who’s in control anyhow?”

Until next time…Dawn Damico

dawn damico, content marketing strategist, monthly newsletter

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