Article Marketing Future Ushered In by Google Panda-monium!

If you’re looking for the future of Article Marketing, it’s already here. Ushered in with the Panda pandemonium led by Google, the future of article writing and content marketing dropped upon the internet earth like a hovering meteor that was no longer able to resist the forces of gravity.

But the crash of reality signaling a change in the market based on the collective cries for positive customer experience did not leave a large, gaping hole that is meant to remain an eyesore. This is not an unmentionable event that should be quickly passed by while you avert your eyes in shame.

Instead these changes to article marketing have cleared the fields.

The tangle of weeds and choking thorns that had smothered and killed the fresh and tantalizing articles for so long in the form of poorly written articles and other content has been crushed.

The fields have been cleared; the content of low value now remain only as waste and is left to fertilize a better, more creative soil. Now is the time to plant a harvest of rich copy, quality content, and article marketing pieces that will nourish and satisfy the consumer as well as enable your business to grow.

Are you up to the task of planting a more sustainable crop of content to grow a quality, sustainable business?

For those who are not afraid to get their hands dirty and dig into this fresh soil there are some points to consider as you plant your evergreen crop of article writing for your article marketing campaigns and your larger content marketing strategy.

Article Writing with a Purpose

In the pre-Panda days, article writing was used as a means to get a back link. While this is still a tactic that is useful for SEO, with the advent of Personalized Search it could be a precarious fence to lean on. For this reason, be sure to write your article marketing content with a specific goal and purpose. Understand what you want the reader to walk away with and what action you would like them to take. This could be:

  • They find a solution to a problem
  • The discover an answer to a question
  • They see you as a great source of information on the topic
  • They click through to your site to get more great information
  • They subscribe or opt-in to something so that you can nurture them as a client

Although the beginning of your article writing will focus on the keywords and niche topics that you intend to cover, the end product should accomplish so much more. The future of article marketing doesn’t lie in the future. The article marketing of today and the larger Content Market Strategies that will remain evergreen for years to come in the future, should produce high quality, top shelf content, that gives value and purpose to the reader.

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