How Can You Grab Your Customer’s Heart?

In this Article:

  1. People Like What (and who) they Like
  2. Give People Want You Want Yourself
  3. Power of Persuasion through Social Proof
  4. Persuade through Consistency
  5. Authorities have the Power of Persuasion

When you’re writing content for websites, what does it take to sell? Is it a catchy jingle? A beautiful looking graphic? Or the ability to strong-arm or coerce someone into pulling out their wallet? While the art elements may be interesting to look at, listen to, or hum in the elevator; and the hard-sale may get a few to fall (and then later regret it), it’s the Art and Powers of Persuasion that will really carry your business.

But most people don’t believe they have the natural ability to persuade someone. Now, SEO content writers are lucky because they have all these technical rules they can follow to get the search engines to find them. However, like I’ve said many times on this site you have to ultimately get the attention of your future customers. That’s where the real magic happens. And, it happens through the powers of persuasion.

But what if you don’t got “it?”

Well, chances are you do got “it” to some degree because you took that leap of faith to start a business. You must believe you have something that people want.

But just in case you’re not completely convinced, there’s actually a scientific formula that you can use to harness your powers of persuasion when you’re writing content for websites, or scripting out your next video.

People Like What (and who) they Like

If you want the powers of influence, then make friends. Often, people will do something for a friend that they otherwise wouldn’t do simply because they like them. In business, this doesn’t mean that you have to have lunch with every single one of your Facebook Fans in order to influence them. However being transparent, showing some of your human-ness, and connecting with your audience through a similar interest can lower many of the normal barriers to a sale.

One of the reasons video is so powerful in content marketing, especially when the small business owner is in front of the camera, is that in a world of anonymity, video gives the opportunity for instant connection.

Give People Want You Want Yourself

The power of reciprocity is very powerful…and persuasive. One of the reasons that giving away a high-quality free gift in your opt-in works so well is that when you give something of value away for free, the recipient will be more inclined to give something back in return. For online businesses, that something is very often a sale at some point.

And don’t stop giving away value at the opt-in. Writing content for your websites that meets the needs of your customer first, and then the SEO content technicalities will win you a lot of favor. Creating valuable auto-responder series where you continue to open the floodgates of benefits for your customers is always a good idea. Don’t be afraid to “give away the farm.”

Power of Persuasion through Social Proof

social proof for online business successWe already see that social proof is becoming a bigger deal in terms of Google rankings, right? However, people have always been influenced by their peers and by people they trust as authorities.

So your first order of business should be to establish yourself as a trusted authority in your field. This is done through “walking the walk” in your business, and also being sure that you are recognized as the person that gets things done.

This is not to say you need to be cocky. Just be confident and find ways to let people know about your abilities and expertise. This can be through case studies, through great content curation, and by being a leader in your field. Then, be sure to tap into the social networks like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Pinterest – wherever your customers gather.

Persuade through Consistency

When so many things are not reliable, the things, people and businesses that ARE stand out. Think about who you would rather be associated with, the flash-in-the-pan here today gone tomorrow latest “ninja” offering? Or, the systems and businesses that do what they say they will do day after day after day.

With internet marketing, things change fast – sort of.

The tactics and tools that we use to get the job done, for example SEO content writing, may change. However, the overall strategy of providing a quality product or service and outstanding customer support – consistently, stand the test of time.

The other way consistency works in the Powers of Persuasion is that when people publicly declare they are going to do something, and that declaration was made freely and without coercion, they are more likely to follow through.

How can this work in your business? Is there room for a group challenge, setting up a forum or a Private Facebook group, where people come together, decide to do something, and then hold each other accountable and root them on when the commitment gets tough?

Authorities have the Power of Persuasion

how to be an authorityFace it. If Richard Branson called you on the phone and said you needed to jump on a plane in 24 hours to meet him for an offer you couldn’t refuse you would probably move heaven and earth to buy that ticket, right?


Because Richard Branson is an authority. You are less likely to question his opinions and advice because of that status. So ask yourself: Who crowned Branson with authority status? (aside from his whole knighthood thing!)

If you know his story, he was actually kicked out of a hotel room once because he had no “authority” to be looking at buying island property. Although he evenutally did go on to purchase an island – but that’s another story!

The point is, at some point you need to embrace your position of Authority – in your mind and publicly – and then back it up with action and results.

At the end of the day, you can learn the Powers of Persuasion when you’re writing content for you website, presenting a webinar, talking to someone at a coffee shop, or speaking at your next event. It’s about connecting with your customers, giving them something they value and is a benefit to them, doing it consistently and having the confidence to claim your place in your business.

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