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I’m an independent travel writer, photographer, and author. My goal is to help your business thrive by providing content for your company or destination that resonates with your ideal audience. Unlike an Influencer, I am a UGC Creator (User Generated Content) who creates authentic content for YOUR brand. Did you know that UGC has been found to be more effective in driving conversions than traditional ads? In fact, 86% of consumers say that authenticity is an important deciding factor in their buying decisions.

My background is in Content Marketing, so UGC resonates with me. I know that when you have the content (photos, articles, video) for marketing on social media, your blog, campaigns, and everything else, you can reach your ideal customer with timeless (and timely), authentic content. The challenge is how to create all the content necessary for your business. That’s where I can help! I can provide photos and written content for your marketing campaigns. My portfolio is below. Take a look and if you think we may be a match for your next project or campaign, let’s talk!

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