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You probably guessed – that’s NOT me in the video! My friend James did a phenomenal video series on Outsourcing. I wanted to share them with you for 3 reasons 1) Take a look at the QUALITY content he is delivering 2) His secret? He OUTSOURCES his video editing – even though he’s talented enough to do it himself and 3) The course ROCKS!


What is Outsourcing

Outsourcing is often one of the most misunderstood, under-utilized yet ESSENTIAL tools for Online Marketing and Online Business Success. In fact, it can easily be argued that one of the biggest reasons that most online businesses don’t have the kind of success that they want or deserve is because they are not Outsourcing their business. I’ve worked with lots of entrepreneurs that market online and the common thread for all the success stories is: OUTSOURCING!

The “Reader’s Digest” explanation is that Outsourcing is the modern day catch phrase for tapping into the concept of the Master Mind, if you will. It’s using the time and talents of a group of people that are all working toward the success of a common goal. In this case – your business.

The part that seems to confuse people the most is that often that team of dedicated and talented outsourcers is located in another country. However, with our modern technology, the internet, and the fact that borders seem to fade as you travel the web, that shouldn’t be so confusing.

How to Outsource

So now that you know that your successful peers and competitors use the leverage of Outsourcing, your next question is: How to Outsource?

That’s a great question, and the answer is actually a lot easier than you will first imagine.

Initially, solo-preneurs object to the idea of managing people. After all, many may have never been on the hiring or firing side of a company and those kinds of skills are not inherited.

However, you certainly can learn How to Outsource!

What to Outsource

The first step is to really consider What to Outsource in your business. At first, you may not believe you have enough “work” to bring someone on board and help grow your business. I would argue that the reason you don’t have enough work (or more accurately, sales, results, and profit) is because you are NOT Outsourcing.

Now don’t get defensive. It’s just that an entrepreneur, by nature, has this idea of going it alone and becoming their own self-made man or woman. And the reality is that every “self-made” successful online business person has someone, or a team of someones that help to execute and optimize all of their great ideas.

In fact, you can better work in your “genius zone” when you are freed up from the gazillion little tasks that are required to market online and grow your business to any level of success.

So to start figuring out What to Outsource, you need to create a list covering 3 areas of your business:

  • Stuff you do that Energizes You
  • Stuff you do that Drains You
  • Stuff you SHOULD be doing but don’t because you just don’t have the time, knowledge, or technical skills.

This is where you begin your Outsourcing journey.

Can you imagine finally finding the way to live that internet lifestyle, that mai-tai on the beach, that financial freedom and total sense of peace over being able to build the life that you want – all because of embracing the real power of Outsourcing?

Outsourcing Pros and Cons

The benefits of Outsourcing are simple: You have the ability to duplicate your efforts, execute your business plans, and leverage the time, talents, and treasures of an eager and passionate team that is dedicated to your success – all for a lot less money than you can believe.

The cons of Outsourcing are all manageable once you understand how to build a team. Sometimes the objections are based on myths. Most often people are concerned with the following:

  • Does Outsourcing take jobs away from my own country and ship them overseas?
  • Do they speak English?
  • How will I communicate with them?
  • Can I trust them?
  • I’ve heard that sometimes Outsources just disappear; can I rely on someone I’ve never met?
  • How am I going to train them if I don’t know how to do the stuff myself?
  • I can’t afford to hire anybody, I’m just starting!
  • I don’t know how to be a good boss!
  • I can do it better, faster myself!
  • I’m afraid to Outsource.

Outsourcing Solutions

The most powerful way to find a solution for your Outsourcing needs is to get the best training that will fully explain:

  • The Outsourcing Mindset
  • The Truth behind the Myths of Outsourcing
  • What to Outsource (and what NOT to Outsource)
  • Where to Find Great Outsourcing Talent
  • The In’s and Out’s of a Successful Hiring Process
  • How to Build your Outsourcing Team
  • And More…

However, even with all that training to get you started the remaining element is how to train your Outsource team. That is where the best training course for your Outsourcing team comes in.

I’ve been working with my friend, James Wedmore, who has just released an amazing course called 6 Figure Outsourcing Secrets. Included in the 7 Modules and bonus offerings are all the information you need to be successful with Outsourcing your business. Additionally, and this is the cherry on top, is an entire course dedicated to training your Virtual Assistant and other members of your team. Simply open up that part of the course to your new hire and much of their training is there for the learning.

If you are even slightly curious about Outsourcing; if you want to get better results from your Online Business Marketing efforts; if you want to learn How to Outsource from someone who has had 6-Figure Success and continues to grow as the result of fully embracing Outsourcing, then click the link below and check out the presentation on Outsourcing that will set you in the right direction for Online Business Success.

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