• FACT: No matter what business you’re in, your customers are online looking for answers.
  • FACT: In order for you to be found online by your customers you need content. Articles, Videos, Pictures, Books, Reports, Webinars, Podcast, and more.
  • FACT: Most businesses struggle with creating enough QUALITY content to keep up with demand, provide value to their future customers, and set themselves apart from the crowd.

What’s an Online Business to Do?

Solution #1: Write and Produce all the content yourself. Challenge: Who has time to do that AND actually do the business of running your business?

Solution #2: Pay someone to write everything for you. Challenge: This works; however the challenge is finding a great writer that will produce content that fits your budget. Gone are the days when $1 low quality articles are going to get results. Your customers are savvy and they demand deserve great information.

Solution #3: Use Top Quality Licensed Content created by sought after Copywriters Challenge: Licensed content (or PLR) has gotten a bad rap because there are so many poor quality companies out there. You have to weed through them to find the best. Also, because it’s licensed content, others will have access to the same content. The best strategy is to use content that has a LIMITED number of licenses available. A company that limits their licenses demonstrates they are most interested in your success.

I’ve always written content and put together content marketing strategies with my customer’s goals and success in mind. So when I decided to create a way for small and medium sized business owners to build their digital libraries, improve their content marketing results, help them build their authority online all while staying within budget, I saw that limited licensed content was the answer.

So, why would I offer to write for you at such a low rate?

Because of my mission: I believe that people shouldn’t spend all their time at work, but instead should work in a way that results in the ability to spend more time with their families…My mission is to positively impact as many lives as possible, inspiring them from the inside out through motivation, business services, and tools to help them be SUCCESSFUL in all areas of Life. This is the “Why” for this service. That’s how we operate here at Niche Content Library.

As your “Boutique” Content supplier I am just as concerned about quality as you are because I understand the bigger picture. When you (our customer) can use our copywriting expertise to build your business and stay within budget then a long-term relationship is established…we both win!

What Does Niche Content Library Offer?

  • Quality content in select niches that allow you to provide value to your customers and set yourself apart as an expert in your niche
  • Articles, Reports, Pictures, and Books you can use in your business right now – no waiting
  • Seasoned writers and editors who know copywriting and marketing
  • Limited licenses (100-150) to maintain the integrity of the information
  • Quality guarantee – if you don’t love it, that’s on us!

To find out more, or take a look at the current content packages I’ve put together for you – click here to go to: NicheContentLibrary.com

See you there! Dawn

PS…don’t forget to grab your free report so you know exactly how to leverage the articles, reports, and stock photos in your own business.

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