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Are you Frustrated and Confused about how to Master Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn and the Rest?

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Red Marketing

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A powerful social treasure chest filled with everything you need to open the door to social media.

It hands you the goodies and teaches you exactly how to master your time and your social marketing…even if you “don’t do social”…or simply don’t have the time to figure it all out!


Valuable, High-Quality Content


A simple Plan of Action


Tips and Best Practices


And Much More...

The Biggest Mistake

Most Real Estate Agents Unknowingly Make with Their Social Media Marketing That Causes Them to Waste Money and Time on Low Impact Social Posts, Random “Likes” and Ultimately No Leads…

A Message From The Author

After working with dozens of real estate agents and other small business owners I fully understand how difficult it is to “do it all” and protect your bottom line.

I know digital marketing and I understand real estate! I’ve been licensed in 2 states, ran a mortgage loan processing company, and have invested in and rehabbed dozens of properties.

Dawn Damico

Creator and Content Marketing Strategist

Dear Frustrated, time-strapped realtor,

I feel you! You sell homes. That’s your superpower. That’s your One Thing.

You have little to no time to keep up with the latest “how-to’s” of social media. You have even less time and bandwidth to actually create what you need to build your online presence.

After all…you have a business to run!

I work with dozens of real estate agents every day to coach and create their marketing strategies.

And yes..we do social! Lots of it.

There’s one MAJOR THING

They ALL had in common when it comes to success OR FAILURE of their Social Media and Content Strategy

This One Thing was the difference between them

Being seen as a thought leader


Being seen as “spammy”

Attracting people who are eager to hire them to help with their next real estate transaction


Feeling as if they are begging for every piece of business
Confidently leading with value, building relationships, and building their bank balances


Chasing after shiny objects, hoping to find the “magic bullet” that was going to fix their business

This One Thing was…

A Content Plan

The other BIG PROBLEM,

and maybe even the MORE SERIOUS PROBLEM, is most real estate agents are trying to do it

The truth is, even if you have a rock-star admin, chances are high their day is already overflowing with tasks, transaction management, database management, and more!

Even if they are willing to add “managing your social accounts” to their never-ending to-do list, they likely won’t have the time to thoughtfully create the content.

Trust me….I was in that rock-star admin role for many years…I fully understand what they are up against every day!

What’s Included?

When you open up this Social Treasure Chest, here’s what you’ll find:

A Full Month’s worth of Irresistible Content delivered in a Zip file direct to your email inbox. Simply open it up and put it to work for you!:

Introduction and Best Practices Instructions about How to Use the content

Tips for Additional Photos to add from You
(Home events, Lifestyle, Client Pics, etc)

1 Newsletter Article
*Can be used on your blog, LinkedIn, emails to clients

Social Marketing Tips

BONUS: 2nd article

13 Social Graphics ready to go for Facebook and Instagram

*3 Designs to Choose From
Valued at $75 / design set

Editorial Calendar for the Month
*You’ll know what to post and when to create an eye-catching social feed

Video Shot Script
*Yes….you should be doing video!

And More!

The RED Marketing Bundle is perfect for solo agents or small teams who want to build their authority online the right way,
and don’t have enough spare hours to do it on your own, or the thousand$ of dollars it would cost to hire a full-time marketing manager.

I fully understand the importance of firming up the bottom line in your business, especially now.

I also know how much time it takes to create a full month’s worth of valuable content. Extra time you don’t have!

I meet real estate professionals every day who are craving an “easy button”  to their brand, deliver value to their clients,
and stay top of mind and relevant
in our shifting market.

You’ll get EXACTLY what you need to create and schedule a full month’s of content for your real estate business.

Yes…you can finally take the social stress out of social media marketing!


You might be thinking…I’ll just wait. I’ve got plenty of time.

So…here’s the deal. When you purchase this packet today you secure VIP status with us and LOCK IN this crazy low price for future bundles we release. That’s right – when we release the next bundle of monthly content…no matter what we charge everyone else…your VIP access means you’ll get today’s crazy low price. FOREVER

AND…when we release other tools and solutions for your business – you will ALWAYS get a discount because you’re a VIP

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