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I have a confession: I am a Research Junkie.

That’s right, it takes more than 1 book to get my fix. I have to troll the back alleys of the library, indulge in way too many online sites, get the word on the street by lurking in seedy chat rooms, get my hand on magazines, ezines, newsletters, government papers, and public domain treasures.

It wasn’t always like this, well maybe it was. I wasn’t happy with just 1 Dr. Seuss book – I had to read the whole collection. And don’t even get me started on Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys. There was something satisfying about seeing all those titles lined up on my bedroom shelf. And, although I’ve given up my earliest dream of reading every book in the local library (you see, somewhere along the way I discovered boys!) I still get a rush at the thought of devouring new knowledge – and more importantly, testing out that knowledge to see what it can do!

Power of Knowledge and Danger of Overwhelm in your Online Business

So this is where your Online Business Success, or failure, comes in. You see, if you spend all of your time gathering the knowledge and chasing those rabbits down the rabbit holes and process maps, you are going to end up with a big brain and a small bank account.

The solution is really very simple, although most people get so caught up in trying to do their online marketing just perfect, that they never start. So I want you do commit this powerful little phrase to memory:

“Done Trumps Perfection”

Just get started, Just Do It, Fail Fast, Know where you’re going, and don’t be afraid to adjust your course along the way.

Here’s what I do when I’m diving deep into a subject. If I’m learning about something to do with Online Marketing, I learn all I can, take a lot of notes, attend the webinars, purchase the courses all in the course of a single week.

Research to your heart’s content – for no more than a week. Then produce and implement something based on that research: A system, an ebook, a product…whatever. Produce something of value for your customers, and/or implement something that will keep your business growing.

You MUST unleash and take action on that knowledge in order for it to do you any good.

I usually take a day or two to let it all sink in and let my subconscious mind make some sense of it. I’ll map out a strategy, put it on paper and talk it out with someone who is just as passionate as I am about this Online Business adventure.

Then, I Execute the Plan. I get it started, sending it off into the living, breathing lab that is at the heart of an Online Business.

Wait, That’s Not Completely True: My Powerful Tool for Online Business Success

Okay, I’m not being completely honest here. I don’t exactly execute my plan – I have a team of Outsourcers who implements the steps for me. Any online business that plans to be successful with their marketing must have some help. At minimum, you need a VA. It’s your job, as the entrepreneur, to set the compass and provide some tools and knowledge; however, there is no reason why you can’t have a crew who keeps you moving forward.

To find out more about Outsourcing, check out the best Online Outsourcing Course available!

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