Consider This About Content Marketing:

What would you do with 1 more minute and 1 more pageview that your competitor didn’t have? Could a content marketing strategy be just what’s needed to create a tipping point in your business?

Inside this Article:

  • Google Analytics for Site Visitor Trends
  • What these trends mean for Content Marketing Strategies
  • 3 Opportunities you Have with Referral Click throughs
  • Example of How to Fully Leverage Article Marketing

Most people know that you have a very short amount of time to capture someone’s attention. In sales and marketing that means that those first few seconds are very crucial to get and keep the attention of a prospective customer. For Content Marketing on the internet grabbing and keeping that attention is a game that is won and lost by the fickle click of a mouse.

So, what benefits do you think your business would gain if you were able to grab and keep the attention of a potential customer for 1 more minute and 1 more page than your competition?

How effective could you be with an additional 60 seconds and an additional piece of compelling content that your competitor doesn’t have?

Well, if you’re good, it could be a tipping point in your business.

Google Analytics just came out with a report of various traffic statistics and there are two pieces that I find somewhat interesting.

Results #1

The first one tells us the average pages per visit, bounce rate, and time on site for the websites that were included in their survey. The trend shows that compared with data from the same period of time a year ago these site metrics are trending just a tad on the down side.

Results #2

The second set of data shows the breakdown at traffic sources:

  • Direct traffic refers to visitors that come to your site by clicking your sites URL directly into their browser or clicking on a bookmark to come to your site;
  • Referral traffic refers to people that come to your site from another site;
  • Organic Search refers to clicks to your site from a search engine results page;
  • CPC is from your ad campaigns

What does this mean for Content Marketing?

Now, others will see additional things to consider from these charts; however, what comes to my attention is that even though people are spending just a little bit less time on a site (very small downturn), their bounce rate is also down…which means that they are looking at more than 1 page while they are on the sites.

Also, and more importantly, take a look at the behavior of the average site visitor based on where they are coming from.

When visitors came to a site from a referral source, another site, they looked at one additional page and spent an average of an additional minute on the site.

This may not seem like much on the surface, but if you will remember from the last video I presented on whether or not internet marketing was broken, the fifth question that I suggested you consider is “where” to place your content so that your targeted prospects would find it.

Is it possible that when you do a good job of creating compelling content that interests your customers and syndicating it to the right channels for your audience you have an opportunity for a Referral click through?

With a Referral Click through you could have an additional minute of your prospects attention which your competition doesn’t have in order to:

  • Establish yourself as an expert in your field
  • Show them that you have a product that is useful to them
  • Encourage them to opt-in for something and join your community

This happens when you strategically place your top shelf content in the path of your potential customer.

Are You Leaving Money on the Table?

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Here is just one example. Consider Article Marketing for a moment. Most people think of this as a tactic to get a backlink for their site to rank in the search engines, right?

For that reason, they only see the value of the article as a backlink so don’t really put too much thought into it or worse, are willing to distribute articles that just don’t have very good content. But look again at those stats.

When a visitor comes to your site through the search engines they spend about 4:43 minutes on the site; however, when they come to the site through a Referral source, that number jumps to an average of 6:36. That’s almost 2 minutes longer when they come to you through a referral!

So now ask yourself, what is the real value of the content that you are putting into your articles? What is almost 2 minutes of extra time with your potential customers that your competitor may not be getting?

Don’t leave money on the table by limiting your Article marketing tactics to getting a backlink!

60 seconds is longer than you think. And, worded correctly, or shown correctly (through video) one page is a very generous platform to get the edge over your competition.

Getting yourself into these types of positions is what a Content Marketing Strategy using only top shelf quality content can do for you. Sometimes it happens by accident, but more often than not it happens because a smart, serious entrepreneur made it happen.

I’m interested in hearing your view on this idea so please let me know!

Until next time….

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