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  1. Why is Content Marketing so Hard?
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Content Marketing: Embraced By Major Industries

A recent press released confirmed“…Now that content marketing is recognized as the underpinning of successful sales efforts…”

And no, that wasn’t a press release that I created!

They were actually reporting on how companies in the healthcare industry are embracing content marketing strategies in their overall marketing campaigns. And also acknowledging that adding the role of “publisher” to their business efforts was a little bit more difficult than they had originally believed.

Why is Content Marketing So Difficult?

Difficult mostly because of the creative process that actually goes into writing and editing the pieces that are made available. There have been reports that corporate writing abilities are a little lacking. And it’s really no surprise. People most often develop specialized skills in the areas that they go into. So, if your job of choice doesn’t need excellent writing skills, then that’s probably not something you pursue in your spare time. After all, writing well is not a prerequisite for success.

Successful people know that they can always find and hire someone to do the things they don’t want to do, shouldn’t be doing, or are not trained to do.

In the past, a lot of marketing was left up to advertising companies which had creative departments. Those specialized departments would put the art together, write the short copy, and then launch a short-term campaign.

And the key word there is “short term”. You see, once a company stops paying for ads, their advertising campaigns usually stop as well.


And right there is one of the major differences and benefits of content marketing. When you launch a content marketing strategy, every piece of content that you create and place on the internet is there well past the time your check has been cashed. That virtual sales team is working for you weeks, months, and years after your initial business investment is made.

How to Make Content Marketing Less Difficult

When you understand a little about what online marketing is all about, then your content marketing strategy will become less intimidating. It can really be broken down into three simple steps:

  1. Have an excellent product or service to offer your customers
  2. Create solid, SEO optimized content that describes the benefits, features, and any other information your customers are interested in that relates to you, your company, and your product.
  3. Consistently take steps to put that content on the internet in the places where your customers will find it.

That’s really it. That’s the “big picture” for your content marketing strategy.

And, as the CEO of your business, that’s all you should really be focused on. In fact, I would say that the part of this whole recipe that you should be mostly involved in is #1 – creating that excellent product (or having the idea and letting someone else create it!)

All the other parts can be delegated to your employees, freelancers, and through outsourcing.

If you’re ready to find out more about Outsourcing, then I highly recommend this Outsourcing Presentation. If you wait, you’re just holding back the potential of your business. And, I’m all about unleashing success!

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Dawn Damico

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