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Client Sample: a North Carolina Community College

The Client:

This North Carolina Community College had a tight deadline in order to complete and post their annual Security Report. The urgency was that if the deadline or the requirements of the report were not met, the college could be fined. I was asked to help organize and improve the initial draft, and be certain the state requirement for the report were met.

Scope of Project:

Step one of the project was to review the draft that had already been submitted by a member of the faculty. While there was a lot of good information in the report, it was clear it contained several redundancies, disconnections in thought, and the format was not user-friendly. Even more important, the required state compliance goals had not been met. This could potentially result in fines placed on the college from the Department of Education.

I reviewed the requirements of the Clery Act, as well as amendments to the act, to be sure the college was meeting the standards. Then, I had to present the information and proof of compliance, in a format that the general population could easily understand.


Following is the report submitted and approved. (Please email me for login information: [email protected])

The Value of This Project:

As a federally funded organization, the college has a list of mandates and laws that it must be aware of and be sure they are offering the right information and programs to remain in compliance. Not only does this report help students, faculty, and others in the college community get an overall understanding of what is available to them, and how they can stay safe in various situations, it also shows that the college understands and is in compliance with the current laws.

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