Adventures in Wine

Have you ever wanted to start or run your own winery and vineyard?

Italy 2004 102Just take a trip to wine country in any state or country and you could easily be drawn into the lifestyle connected to wine. From digging in the dirt to pressing the wine to entertaining new friends as they enjoy wine definitely has some appeal. Could it be that the passion of vines runs in your veins?

That’s a question that consumed me as my husband got closer to retirement from his “real” job and we started to dream about opening a sort of family compound where several generations could work (and lovingly fight) side by side as we created wine, food, and a place where visitors could take a break from their everyday life and remember what living is all about.

It’s a Lifestyle Choice as well as a great business opportunity…maybe. And that’s what I want to discover. And so welcome, and I invite you to join me as we explore:

Adventures in Wine

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