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I Can Help you Build Business Authority, Leads, and Sales With Content

If you’re in business, you’re online…or you should be. Why? Because most customers are online searching and learning and comparing and deciding before they ever make a commitment to call, inquire, buy, or join.

You need to be where your ideal customers are with the right information at the right time, or your competition will.

You want to be there at all stages of the sales funnel. You want to be seen as the authority…the answer to their most important questions, needs, desires, and fears. You want copy and content that gets the job done.

But did you know what you do online can actually hurt your business if you fail to do the right things?

It’s true! If you don’t have the right kind of content (or worse, poorly written content), an idea of what that content should do for you, or the right system in place to build your business, then you can waste time and energy trying to duct tape your marketing together only to end up with something that doesn’t work as well as it should.

But, it’s not your fault.

Even the best online businesses have had the same experience. To correct it, they quickly learned the secrets of effective marketing for today’s world and invested in the right tools to get better results.

You can too! And, I can help.

My personal mission is to positively impact as many lives as possible…

Why me?

I’m a serial entrepreneur with a singular focus. I put my skills and knowledge into action to help you build your dreams so you can get on with the business of building a life you enjoy!

Yes…there is life beyond the cubicle!

A long time ago, I made the decision to step out of my own cubicle and build a life that gave me freedom to create something valuable. I realized I didn’t have to choose between being happy and earning a living.

Along the way, I’ve been fortunate to collect valuable business and life experience which allow me to be more effective with everything I create. Plus, I’m sort of a research nerd! The library is like Disneyland for me. I’m always asking questions and seeking answers. I look for (and often find) little nuggets of facts (and fictions) others simply pass by.

This is good news for you!

Good copy captures your reader’s attention. Great content with a purpose turns prospects into customers.

I create both for your business.

So Where Did All This Business Knowledge Come From?

Glad you asked! It’s important to understand who you’re working with.

You want to be sure the person with the pen “gets” what business building is all about. So, let me give you a few highlights.

I had my first child in 1988. After dropping him off at daycare when he was about 6 months old, I drove into work in tears. Although the ladies at the daycare center were exceptional, as a new mom I already felt the desire to do things a little differently. I wanted flexibility in my schedule. I proposed what is now called “telecommuting” to my boss, but the idea was too new for them to agree. It took less than a month for me to quit my underwriting job.

I took a leap of faith that I would figure something out so I could be the kind of mom I wanted to be while contributing to our family income and satisfying my entrepreneurial drive. Without putting a name to it, I had figured out my “Why.”

At the time, my parents (also entrepreneurs) had a business selling wholesale to the public, which was a new idea. Not only did I help them open that store (it was a family affair), but I was introduced to the world of finding bargains, buying wholesale and negotiating great deals.

My best negotiation came when I found a bridal shop which was going out of business. I bought the entire inventory, including fixtures, for pennies on the dollar. Not only was it profitable, but many brides found their perfect dress and were able to purchase for much less than they ever dreamed possible.

Lesson learned: Power of negotiation.

Crafty Crap…

During that time, I noticed a lot of “crafty crap” (as my dad called it) coming onto the market…and it was selling like hot cakes!

When I was in school, I knew my way around our vintage green Husqvarna sewing machine because I sewed many of my own clothes. And like many people that wander craft shows, I would say “I can make that!” For me, that declaration was quickly followed by the thought “How can I make money from it?”

By this time we were living in the country in Northern California, I was now a mother of two, and my next business, “Country Pickins,” was born. I started by making custom porcelain dolls, then hand-painted ceramic pottery, but settled on fabric and wood dolls. Why? Because profit margins were the greatest using that material…and it was easy to transport.

I sold retail at various craft shows around the country, wholesale through a dealer out of the Atlanta Gift Mart and advertised in the most popular national craft magazines, writing amazing product descriptions to make the sale.

This was all great; however, I quickly learned there was a limit to how many dolls I could produce in a day. I did some research and found a company with a stuffing machine (I had been stuffing by hand), then found another stay-at-home mom to help with some of the piece work.

Lesson learned: Outsourcing is awesome!

Keep An Eye on Your Market

Getting help was better; but I believed there was something more scalable. I struck gold when I discovered patterns.

I observed and listened to people at the craft shows we attended. Just like me, they wandered in and out of booths saying the same thing I said years before: “I can make that!”

While other vendors complained because these “looky-loos” didn’t buy anything, I saw opportunity. At the next craft show, I brought something different. When the first lady came in and said she could make the doll I had on display I cheerfully replied “Yes! You can…and here is a pattern you can buy which tells you exactly how to do it. And…if you love the doll on display, here is a kit that contains everything you need – saving you time and money.”

The result…cha-ching!

Lesson learned: Look for a need in the market and fill it!

“I have no special talent…I am only passionately curious”

~Albert Einstein

Live a Full Life

The entire time this was happening I kept busy with our kids: volunteering at school as an Art docent and tutor, volunteering with Boy Scouts and sports teams, and leading very active Girl Scout groups (lots of camping, hiking, and cooking!) I did this while working part-time at the admissions office of a private high school where I helped with marketing, enrollment promotions and events. And yes, still running my business. I was surrounded by amazing, intelligent and talented people.

I was crazy busy and very happy!

Then, there was a shift in my business. Overseas competition shut the craft business party down for me. It was time to move on, or in my case, take a step back. We moved back to Southern California. The kids were a little older and I was itching to get back into the world of real estate, mortgage and finance.

I applied for a job with a small-ish mortgage company. After the interview, I didn’t get the job. Although I was bummed, I was also curious because the interview went well. So, I called the owner of the company to get some feedback. He said he was looking for someone with more current experience. (by this time I had been out of that industry for about 7 years).

While most people might move on…I saw this as a challenge. So, I called back and left a message for the owner with this proposition: Allow me to work for you for 2 weeks, don’t pay me. If you like what you see – hire me; if you don’t, I walk away. No harm, no foul, no cost to you.

I ended up working with his company for 2 years as his lead loan processor and pre-underwriter.

Lesson learned: Trust your gut (and abilities).

My last job in a cubicle.

We were in a boom cycle of real estate and I was working for a larger mortgage broker as the Director of Operations running their processing department and doing most of the underwriting. I worked my tail off (60-70 hours a week), made great money, and was using the extra cash to invest in real estate. I eventually built and managed a $4 million dollar real estate portfolio.

I still found the time to take on leadership roles in Scout programs, volunteer to build homes in Mexico, and collect needed supplies for a women’s homeless shelter. I was still having a lot of fun.

I learned the value of systems, working with great people who were matched with jobs that fit their talents, effective communication, and creating training materials and templates to make things run smoothly. I also learned I had lost a little bit (a lot) of my freedom. That was no good…no matter how much money I was earning!

The end of the boom cycle loomed and I noticed an opportunity.

Downsizing became inevitable even though brokers still needed loan processing. With my experience, I had the added value of understanding underwriting and the ability to talk with banks directly to get loans closed. So, I left the broker I was working with to start a loan processing service which I operated from home. My broker became my first client, and others followed once they realized I was available.

My timing was perfect. The opportunity was great for a few years, and then the entire industry was affected by the credit crisis with many companies going out of business literally overnight. It was ugly…but it was also a great opportunity.

Lesson learned: Understand what you can control and then respond accordingly.

Stepping Away from the Noise

I took a sabbatical, got centered, and focused on the next business.

I took on a part-time job in the vault of a “big-box” store. Although we were tucked away in the back corner of the store, the vault quickly became “the place to be” and we had a lot of fun. All the store managers looked forward to the days I worked. And…I was lucky enough to help build a playground. (not in the vault – although with all the laughing people may have thought that’s what happened!)

I went into research mode and discovered what was happening in the online world. It was 2007. Internet marketing was not new, but it was still new enough to provide a platform to build a business.

So I tinkered. Took Action. Stumbled. Succeeded. Learned.

While there are thousands of opportunities online to choose from, I naturally gravitated toward information products, copywriting, writing books, and creating content. I was fortunate to land some clients early on where I created their websites and built their content libraries. And I was fortunate to work with the top video marketing expert for almost 4 years as his online business manager.

As the search engines tightened up their algorithms I saw another need emerging. Quality content, quality information products, and effective copy that sells.

Lesson learned: Be a creator, not a consumer.

This brings us to today.

My kids are now adults and on the way to making their own mark on the world. I’m a proud mama!

I’m also a happy entrepreneur and business owner. See…you really can have it all!

I’ve been focused on copywriting, marketing, writing great content, and creating online products (for myself and other businesses) since 2009, even though I’ve been writing my entire life. I am the ghostwriter of several books in the business, fitness, health, and nutrition markets. I’ve also authored articles and books under my own name. I’ve created and built content for various client sites including an international nutraceutical company, various fitness gurus, and a top local real estate agent. And I’ve been an insatiable student of marketing and copywriting.

Carl, a friend of mine, posted this quote on Facebook. “In the blink of an eye your whole life can change for the better…which can lead you on a path you never thought was possible, but you had, in fact, been preparing for it your whole life.”

You may find that true for you as well. Everything we do in life, every experience, has value. I love being able to create something of value to help my clients (people like you) build their business and turn their dreams into a reality. This allows them to spend their time with the most important people in their life.

And the nerdy side of me loves the research required to write great copy!

The common thread for everything I’ve done in my life so far is this: Creating content; creating products; developing systems, writing, and providing services that help get things done! The products may change, the industries may be different, but the mechanics of building a business and marketing that business have many similarities which I’ve used over the years for success.

My copywriting, marketing, and online business services are a blend of products, trainings, and exclusive content tailor-made for your business. If you’re interested in my copywriting services or samples of my work, click the links.

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