About Dawn Damico

I’m a Florida-based freelance journalist, photographer, travel content creator, author, editor, and content marketing strategist.

After a real estate and mortgage career, I turned my attention to the online world. I learned and implemented content marketing strategies, copywriting, and blogging and worked as the online business manager for a YouTube influencer. As a wellness enthusiast, I studied with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and have ghost written for top wellness influencers and course creators. Putting my online experience into action, I managed content marketing campaigns for several real estate agents.

I’ve written for various industries including real estate, wellness, travel, and fitness. After producing Relocation Guides for real estate clients, which were much like travel Destination Guides, my attention turned back to travel.

My husband and I moved to Florida a few years ago. What better way to share our jouney learning about our new home than to write about it! I’m working on a series of Destination Guides and journals for publication as well as providing pillar content and other articles online.

As a travel writer, I focus on local, national, and international travel and am available for freelance work where I bring a wealth of content marketing and business professionalism to the table. I like to tell stories your ideal client will find helpful and  entertaining. I strive to answer their questions and inspire them to travel. Topics of interest include beach and mountain destinations, anything around water, Mediterranean destinations, active travel, hiking, paddling, RV, biking, family and multi-generational travel, travel tips, farmers markets, culinary experiences, travel photography, experiential travel, sustainable living, and product reviews. Always curious, I have been called the “Research Diva” because of my habit of deep-diving information to write articles.

I believe we can continually reimagine what life looks like at every stage. Writing from a 50+ woman’s perspective, traveling solo and with my husband of almost 40 years, enjoying multi-generational travel and memorable experiences with my granddaughter, or exploring with Molly, our black labrador dog, I understand there is more than one way to travel.

I bring a lifetime of experience, expertise, and natural curiosity to everything I create. I’m as comfortable wine-tasting and spending the day at the spa as I am hiking, RVing, and cooking over an open fire. I always look for a unique angle to a story and ask how I can create content that will inspire others to live and thrive at every stage in life.

You will find many of my published articles on VitabellaMagazine.com or click the Portfolio tab above.

If you would like to collaborate with me on a travel campaign, please email direct:

Dawn at YourResearchDiva dot com or use the contact form above.

Thank you for visiting and I look forward to hearing from you!

Dawn Damico

Travel Content Creator


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