Understand Content Marketing Strategies that Work with Google

I like to know what I have control of and then fully leverage that knowledge into happy customers. While I don’t have any control over the Google algorithms, I do have control over the follow 3 aspects of my site and building my customer list:

Be sure that your Content is Top Shelf!

Provide fresh content that is updated frequently and is relevant to the search terms that you are going after. What this means is really focusing on those long tail keywords that your customers are searching for and then writing some phenomenal posts and articles. Don’t just target a single keyword, target at least 3 keywords on the page that are related.

For example, if you just target a keyword such as “bass” then the Google spiders may not understand if you’re fishing or playing a musical instrument. Target a more specific keyword phrase such as “best bass fishing in Washington” and “bass fishing tips” and “how to catch a bass”. Put those phrases as close the beginning of the page, typically within the first 100 words and definitely “above the fold.”

More importantly, be sure that the information is something that your target customer will want to read. Give valuable information and don’t simply re-hash basic knowledge that can easily be found anywhere. Add your own personal style and voice to the article so that your website is seen as a good resource to go for when they want to know more about your topic.

Encourage the Content Market Strategy of Bookmarks and Sharing

How do you do this? Ask!

At the end of your post, always encourage your visitor to bookmark the site, share it with friends or social outlets like DIIG, grab the RSS, or opt-in for a free piece of information so that you capture their email. And, make it easy for them to do this by using the proper plugins.

Give yourself a little bit of control by adding that visitor to your own personal fan base so that you build your own personalized search! Remember, building your list gives you some control in building your business.

Why should you do this?

Well, if they leave your site and click on a competitors several times, then your competitor may end up at the top of their Personalized search rather than you just because they have a history of clicking on that site.

Don’t Forget the Other Content Marketing Strategies beyond SERPs

Consider all forms of destinations for your content. For example, don’t forget distribution and syndication of your top shelf content to Google news, Google local, Google products, various images and of course videos on YouTube. Become very “google-able”

The more destinations your target and in the various forms beyond just written word, the better opportunity you have to give your customers a great experience. Heck, they may even make a mention about your on their Facebook page! Even though Google may not capture that comment – their friends, family and fans still might.

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