Best Practices for SEO Article Marketing Strategies

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  • Make your Article Marketing Headlines Newsworthy
  • Proof your Spin
  • How to Fully Leverage the Article Marketing Resource Box

Moving beyond the question of whether or not Article Marketing is still effective (it is), let’s talk about 3 things you should be doing to fully leverage all that great content you are preparing for your business.

Take Time to Perfect your Article Marketing Headlines

Headlines are important. Consider your own reading patterns. Chances are that your target audience scans their daily dose of information in much the same way that you do. People are not too different in that respect. We are all pressed for time.

When you scan a newspaper, what is the first thing that you look at? The headlines, right? And think about what sort of words catch your eye and make you want to take the time to read the rest of the article:

  • Is the title catchy?
  • Does the Article title create interest, intrigue, curiosity, or suggest that is has an answer that you have been looking for?
  • Does the title “speak to you” in your own language (slang or terminology related to that particular subject)

If you are interested in the types of words and phrases that top copywriters use to draw in the intended crowds, then consider downloading the Article Marketing Blueprint (it’s a free, no opt-in report) which contains a starter list of words and phrases that you can use as a cheat sheet, or idea tickler, of effective words to use in your titles.

Spin your Articles and Proof your Spins when Article Marketing

Do not blindly use a spinning tool and then mass automate the submission to hundreds of article directories. Sure, you have the potential to create lots of backlinks, but you also have the potential to shoot yourself in the foot with bad article marketing practices.

I’m not saying that article spinning is bad. It can be very effective when you are selective. I use this for some of my own clients. However, raise the bar and insist on only the best spins. The article marketing software I use is Rapid Rewriter. There are others; however, this is the one that I’m most familiar with.

First, be sure that the original article is of the highest quality. If you’re spinning garbage, then you are going to end up with even more garbage. Use only top shelf content – the kind that you wouldn’t mind reading yourself, or that you would be proud to put your name on.

Next, spin the article a minimum of 60%. The Rapid Rewriter tool allows you to gauge that percentage, add and remove full paragraphs and sentences, as well as replace individual words.

You can spin 100’s of times. I tend to spin 25-50 times to keep them more original. Then, take a couple of minutes to go through each article and proof it. Don’t assume that the software will do a better job than the human eye or human brain. You will need to make minor adjustments to keep your quality top shelf and avoid getting slapped.

Full leverage the Resource Box Opportunity with Article Marketing  

Old school article marketing said to talk about YOU in the resource box. This was supposed to convince people that you were an expert. New article marketing follows a different idea. SHOW people you are an expert by the content you provide rather than TELLING them that you are an expert. Not bad advice.

Think about it. Would you be more inclined to have brain surgery done by someone that had demonstrated her skill by performing hundreds of surgeries, being published in reputable journals, and teaching brain surgery to other doctors OR have your brain surgery done by a doctor that had only a piece of paper that confirmed that he read a few books about brain surgery and passed a test?

Personally, I’m a “show me don’t tell me” kind of gal.

A better use of your resource box is to make a smooth transition from the article to your product, service, website, blog, opt-in, free report, or whatever is your next step to monetization. You caught their attention with the article. They reached the end of those 500 quality words. Now take them by the hand and lead them to the next step. For example:

“Now that you understand that Article Marketing is an effective, free way to find a targeted audience for your business, learn how to fully leverage this strategy with a Free, 18 page no opt-in Article Marketing Blueprint. Download the eBook by clicking here.”

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