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When businesses call me, they usually understand they need a Content Marketing Strategy but they’re not really sure how to get it done. Or, they’re not sure if what they’re currently doing is giving them the best results.   The top Content Marketing concerns for most companies are:

  • Lack of Time
  • Producing Engaging Content
  • Lack of Budget
  • Producing enough Content
  • Unable to measure effectiveness
  • Lack of Knowledge
  • Creating an effective Content Marketing Strategy
  • Executing that Strategy

90% of companies are using Content Marketing. However, less than 42% of companies believe they are “doing” content marketing right. That means almost 60% of companies just like yours understand the value of content marketing but really don’t have a clue about how much, how often, or what kind of content they should be creating. To make matters worse, even if they get the “content” part of the equation right, they’re not sure how effective their marketing is:

  • Are they hitting all the right Social Media Sites?
  • Is their distribution plan effective?
  • Do they have the right system in place for lead capture?
  • Do they have the right mix of “information” and “sales” based content to get customers into their sales funnel, court them through to the buying process, and then continue to build and solidify that relationship after the sale?

In short – is the way they are creating and distributing their content going to make a difference to their bottom line and the overall health and growth of their company? Great question!

  • Less Than 42% Believe They Do A Good Job 42%

The measurements of effective online marketing can get a little fuzzy. Should you look at increased traffic, time on your site, number of ‘likes’ or shares, growth of your list, actual sales, or retention and repeat buying as a measure to your success with content marketing? Here’s another concern: Even if you know which measurements to look at to reach your desired outcome…who the heck is going to do all that work to get you there? Many companies want to keep the headache (and costs) of hiring employees to a minimum so they try to do everything on their own. But, there is no way a one-man or one-woman show is going to do it…no matter how hard they try. All good intentions aside…you simply cannot execute an effective content marketing strategy AND run your business. If you try, you will burn out….promise. Additionally, you’re limiting your potential business growth and the number of people you can serve. All successful businesses have something of value for their customers. If you are limiting your reach to those customers because you’re busy trying to wear all the hats in your business, then you are not fully sharing what you have with the world. You are withholding the very gifts your customer’s need…and will gladly pay to receive.

Here’s the Good News…

You can incorporate content marketing into your business without a lot of extra work from you.

This allows you to work in your “genius” zone and build your business. You see, an extra person (or team) doesn’t have to worry about wearing all the hats in a business. They only wear one hat which means they only focus on your content marketing strategy.

Sure, you “know” what must be done…but do you really want to do all of it?

That’s exactly where hiring an outside, trusted person to create and implement your content marketing strategy comes in. Imagine having a partner in your business who is just as motivated to get results as you are but without the hassles of “partnership” or hiring an employee?

The best part of investing in a copywriter and content marketer is the time and energy saved by cutting down your daily “to-do” list! You are left with the best parts of running your business and delivering your service.

Which “To Do” List Would Your Rather Have?

  • Research keywords and customer needs/questions
  • Write Blog Posts consistently
  • Upload Post with Pictures – fully optimized
  • Distribute Post to all channels
  • Create CTA graphic button and link to opt-in landing page
  • Create Opt-in Gift for List Building
  • Set up Opt-in Landing Page
  • Create and upload autoresponder follow-ups
  • Create Social Media Posts
  • Upload Social posts to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, G+ and Pinterest
  • Make important sales calls to hot leads
  • Follow-up with Coaching Clients
  • Spend time with family
  • Hire Content Marketing Strategist & Copywriter

Successful entrepreneurs have two big things in common:

First, I believe you must stay balanced! All work and no play don’t just make you dull…often it makes you dead! Unmanaged stress is a silent killer. Even if you remain walking and breathing; even if you’re making money; if you get out of balance for too long something inside you dies. The absolute joy in living is sucked dry. Not good!

The solution is simple – stop working so much in all the wrong areas! Which leads me directly to the next thing:

Second: Spend the majority of your time working in your “genius zone.” This is where you are most inspired, where you get the most done, and where you make the most money.

Look, the truth is if you wanted to work 15-20 hour days, you actually could muddle through an effective content marketing strategy on your own AND possibly even do some of the actual stuff your business is supposed to be doing (ie…remember that product or service you are offering?) The reality; however, is if your intent is to build a business, and not just create a J-O-B for yourself, then you’re going to need to get some help along the way. The faster you find the right people and the right solutions for your content marketing, and then pull the trigger to get that system working for you, the quicker you will be at building a business where your energy is devoted to the activities that give you the most satisfaction and the most returns for your time invested.

Remember…money loves speed.

Then…going one step further (and personally, this is the part I love the most for you), you will have the time and the energy to easily build up all the other areas of your life (health, family, relationships, nutrition, play, etc) and do it completely free of guilt. How? Well, because you are assured your business content marketing systems are still working for you even when you are not technically “working.”

Does that sound like something you can get used to?

If you answered “YES!” (and I hope you did), then you’re in the right place because I can help you with that.

As a copywriter and marketer, I have the ability to write the kind of copy your customers care about AND do it in a way that works with an effective marketing strategy. Based on our initial consultation, we will set up a plan to get you to the next stage of your business. I can get a feel for where you are now and where you want to go. We’ll develop a plan to put you in front of your target audience with the best information at the right time of the sales cycle. Then, with the help of my team, we’ll put that plan into action.

Don’t worry, all the copywriting is done by me. You can be assured that what your potential customers see is an excellent representation of you and your brand. The integrity of your brand is my priority. People rely on your online presence to make them feel comfortable with their decision to work with you. If you don’t have that presence, or you have the wrong type of presence, they are going to have concerns.

What Services Do I Provide to Help You Succeed?

I provide two types of direct services: Copywriting and Content Marketing.


When you need a single piece of content like a sales page or special report, or require a series of articles or email responders for a planned marketing campaign, then consider the items listed on my “a-la-carte” menu of services. I’ve worked in various industries, creating many different copywriting assets. You can see case studies and a list of experience at my PORTFOLIO.

Click Here to see the “a-la-carte” Copywriting Services menu.

Content Marketing:

When you need a marketing plan and all the content to execute that plan, then consider the “Foundation” packages. These packages are designed to research your market, evaluate the content you already have, and put together a plan that will get you from where you are to where you want to go.

The investment in your business for either of these services allows you to focus your energy and resources in the right areas, measure your progress, make adjustments, and take advantage of opportunities you might otherwise miss if you were trying to do it all by yourself.

Tell Me More About Content Marketing

Let’s break this down: If you were to hire all the people necessary to run your content marketing strategy, you would  spend hundreds of thousands of dollars each year just in salary alone – and that doesn’t include taxes and benefits.

For example, a Content Manager who writes and edits your content will cost anywhere from $70k – $110k per year. And that’s just for the content. Then, you’ll need someone to create graphics, photos, infographics, newsletters, opt-in landing pages, and a list-building funnel to go along with that content. Content IS your currency but mere words are not enough! Once you have the content, you’ll need to distribute it. If you hired an entry level marketing assistant, you would be looking at salary and benefits from $35k-$50k per year. So just with those two positions, you are paying out close to $200,000 per year in salaries alone. That doesn’t include little content or employee “extras” that are sure to come up.
For a large organization, taking on those salaries and employees could be the perfect solution. But what about the mid-to not-so-large business? You want the same marketing experts working for you that larger companies have, but you may not need to have them work in-house, right?
What if you could get someone to build your digital content library and be sure it’s reaching your customers?
Well, the good news is that you can get that! It’s what I offer to a limited number of companies each year.
Contact me by phone or email and let’s talk!
I will accept a Content Marketing contract with you only when I see that I’m the best solution and I can offer something to help you achieve your business goals. You need a copywriter with her hands on the pulse of online and social marketing. You want someone with the tools and the team who will represent your company just like you would. When you hire me, you get all the benefits of a “partner” in your business without all the headaches!
What you really get is a partner of success – because when you succeed, I succeed, and not a minute sooner! We start with an evaluation of what you currently have. If a consultation is all you need, then I will be happy to provide that to you.

Consultation vs. Full Content Marketing Solutions

If you hire a Content Marketing Strategist, you receive an evaluation and written report with fees starting at $3000. However, after that, YOU are responsible for implementing the strategy suggested.

OK remember those people I said you would need to hire earlier if you did all this on your own…to the tune of about $200K, or all the personal time you would need to invest in implementing the strategy? Well, when you only do a consultation, you are still responsible for implementation. For some, this is good. But for most, the content marketing consultation model doesn’t always work. I take it one step further. I want you to succeed and once I see what your business is about, evaluate the content you already have, and see the gaps in your digital library, I’m not happy with just sending you on your way with a plan and a prayer! At that point, I feel like I know your business well enough to create the exact type of content your business needs.

That’s where the Foundation Packages come in!

This allows me to go beyond consultation and get you on the road to implementation of your content marketing strategy. With my team we will create, publish and distribute your content to build up your online presence and your authority online. During our initial 3-6 months together (based on your needs), we build a solid content foundation so when you roll over to the monthly maintenance program the content we continue to create will have a greater impact.

Why? Because content for content’s sake is a waste of time, energy, and money. Your content’s purpose must be clear

    1. Drive Traffic
    2. Convert that traffic to leads
    3. Convert those leads into sales.

It all needs to work together. The mistake many businesses have made is they will hire out their writing (at the dirt-cheap price of $5 per article) only to end up with value-deficient articles (that have to be re-written or thrown in the trash) with no cohesion, and absolutely no marketing purpose. It’s content for content’s sake and that just doesn’t cut it anymore. That went out with the dodo bird and keyword stuffing.

The value in your content marketing comes from knowing why you are creating it. Ultimately, that reason is to build your list and your relationship with that list so they will reward you with a sale. In order to do that, we must create information that is valuable to your customers and deliver it in a way that catches and holds their attention, inspires them to raise their hand and say “YES” to what you have to offer, motivates them to share it with their social circle, and then continue to do that over and over.

You, along with 90% of business owners, know you need content marketing in your business. Yet most believe they fall short of executing their marketing plan effectively. Now, the perfect solution to the obstacles of lack of time, lack of knowledge, lack of writing ability, lack of online marketing knowledge, and lack of the funds to hire a bunch of new employees for your business is right in front of you.

Freelance content marketing services provided by a knowledgeable copywriter.

Take a look at the copywriting services and content marketing packages available now, and then let’s talk! Like other businesses I’ve helped, I look forward to helping you build your business and build the life you’ve always dreamed of. I look forward to talking with you!

Dawn Damico

Copywriting Services (The a-la-carte menu)

Copywriting Service Marketing Investment
Case Studies (800-1000 words) $750-$2000
White Papers/Special Reports (5-10 Pages) Starting at $1500
White Papers/Special Reports (10-15 pages) Starting at $2500
Website Home Page (depends on complexity) Starting at $450
In-depth product and services descriptions Starting at $250
Executive Bios $250
Emails (short stand-alone promotion or other announcement Starting at $250
Emails (long emails) Starting at $750
Email (Promote white paper of other special offer Starting at $300
Newsletter Article (500-700 words) $250
Enewsletter (4pages) Starting at $1000
Ghostwriting Blog post Starting at $150
Long Sales Pages or “Landing Page” Starting at $2500
Content Marketing Consultation & Report Starting at $3000

Content Marketing Services

Service Provided 3Month-Lite 3Month Foundation Package (Most Popular) Monthly Maintenance-Build up Digital Content Library (after Foundation)
Evaluation of Current Content Included Included Ongoing
Content Marketing Strategy Included Included Ongoing
Customer Research Included Included Ongoing
Keyword Research Included Included Ongoing
Social Research Included Included Ongoing
Set up Lead Capture Included Included Ongoing
Implement Content Strategy Included Included Ongoing
Content Pieces Provided (minimum)
Bloposts (4 posts/month with 500-2000 words ea.) YES YES YES
Videos (2 per month) Not Included Included Additional investment required
Graphics/Photos (4/Post) YES YES YES
Full Syndication *(refer to the ‘to-do’ list above) Included Included Included
Ebook (50 Page min. for opt-in or ??) Not Included YES Not Included
MONTHLY INVESTMENT Call for consultation Call for consultation $ (month to month)


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